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Bangladesh is a Country with 140 million people on a land of 1,47,570 sq.km. having population density of 755 per sq.km.The per capita GDP and GNI stood at US $554 and US $599 respectively. The contribution to our gross national product (GNP) from agriculture sector is 20.87 percent and service sector 49.46 percent (Bangladesh Economic Review 2008). With these present structure of production Bangladesh has entered in the global market place under open market policy. The development strategies are changing very fast all over the world. The technological changes have made the world easier to navigate. Goods, capital, people and ideas travel faster and cheaper today than ever before. As a developing nation we invest less in human resource development and end up with less educated and less. The open market policy is a complex and sophisticated economic version marketed by developed countries to the developing countries with the hope that both will be benefited from this. The open market policy brings in the prospect of trade liberalization, globalization of agriculture, capital flow and labor migration from and among the economics/member countries. Alongside with these, the information explosion with large-scale dematerialization of the world economy adds to the further complexity.

On the other hand, the speed of overall development of a country does not expedite without proper development of science and technology and their application in different sectors. The present world is moving towards 21st century with the rapid development of science and technology. In order to face the challenge of 21st Century, it is essential to produce manpower in the field of engineering and technology. There are five University of Engineering and Technology and a few privet institutions in the Country for offering education at Degree and Masters level which is not sufficient. There are 10(ten) engineers per 0.10 million people in India. This number is significantly higher in South Korea, Japan and developed countries. But there is one engineer per 0.10 million people in Bangladesh. Every year after 2010, there will be a requirement of 5000 engineers for Bangladesh to make pace with speed of development.

On the other hand only 1500 students are graduated from the five public University of Engineering and Technology and private University. This number may be increased to 2200 in the year 2007 after Completion of the expansion and to modernization programme of The Universities. A singificant number of prospective students also go abroad to undertake higher education and research degrees spending at lot of foreign currency. In order to meet the present and future job market demand in the country and abroad, in is essential to establish new engineering & technology institutions. It is also essential to expand engineering & technology education to ensure proper use of technology.

After completion of the project 180 Student will be graduated each year in three degree level courses, such as B.Sc in Civil Engineering, B.Sc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and B.Sc. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Barisal Engineering College. After obtaining graduation in Engineering the graduates will be able to get job in different industries and business organizations in the country and abroad and also they will be able to make themselves capable for self employment.

After Completion of the project, Barisal Engineering College will be established as a degree level engineering institution in the public sector. The examination of the courses will be controlled by the Dhaka University and the Students of Barisal Engineering College will be awarded degree from Dhaka University.

Keeping all the above matters in consideration and the direction of the meeting of Ministry of Education at 20 March 2008 the new project has been taken titled "Establishment of Barisal Engineering College” with an estimated cost to Tk 5855.07 lac. Then a meeting of Ministry of Education held on 08-04-2008 and according to the decision of the meeting, department of the proposed Engineering College has been changed and the DPP has been recast with an estimated cost of Tk. 6754.12 Lac. Again the vide memo no wkg/ctkvt4/ewitBtKt/367/2008/85, Date 25-06-2008 the DPP has been recast based on PWD rate schedule 2008 with an estimated cost of Tk. 7795.91 Lac. Finally the vide memo no wkg/ckv-5/etwet¯’vcb/38/2006/103, Date: 18/06/2008 & wkg/ctkvt4/ewitBtKt/367/2008/90/1(5), Date: 01/07/2008, it is recommended that the maxium 5 storied foundation will be sutable accodring to the soil condition of selected place for Barisal Engineering College. So DPP has further been recast with 5 storied instead of 6 storied foundations. At last PEC meeting held on 29-01-2009 and DPP has been recast Tk. 7408.00 lac.

According to decision of PEC meeting held on 26/01/2009 a master plan will be prepared at the time of project implementation period with considering the need of Engineering and Tchnician for future 20 years at home and abrod and the project will be implementing according to the master plan.

The project also aims at producing professonal man power especially in the field of Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering to meet the changing and increasing demand of the present and future job market in the country and abroad and also ceation of capabilities for self employment. The project will help in poverty alleviation and economic development in greater national perspective.

 Objectives : i. To establish Barisal Engineering College for increasing degree level Engineering Education. 

ii. To develop professional manpower in the field of Engineering and Technology.
iii. To create provision for research and development in the field of Engineering Education.
iv. To meet the increasing demand for Engineering Education.
v. To increase highly Technical Professionals.

  Targets :To meet the requirement of physical facilities to accommodate 720 students for three engineering departents of the proposed engineering college, proposals have been made to satisfy the entire requirement to create congenial academic atmosphere, like consturction of adminstrative bilding academic building, Residencial Building and procurement of requisite quantity of equipment, funiture etc



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